This page contains a list of all color which are available from Alutech for powder coating your frame. The reproduction of these colors is for orientation only and not in any way binding. Please read our comments about color fidelity and monitor calibration at the bottom of the page. When you scroll over or touch an icen, you will see its code and name.

Metallic Colors marked with this symbol are metallic.

RAL-colors standard and metallic

Special colors, standard and metallic

The following colors are not part of the RAL color standard and are also offerd as an option for powder coating.

Glaze colors

Glazing a frame consists of a thin powder coating which, after curing, is coverd with a second layer of transparent paint which is then cured once more at a lower temperature. Please not that this type of color can only be applied to brushed allumnium frame. Otherwise the semi-transparent effect would not work.

The following has been taken from the WikiPedia page RAL-Farbe and translated to english.

Farb-Check-RGB The colors shown here will be displayed differently on different monitors and are not binding. A possibility to aproximatly calibrate your monitor on a purly visual basis is the test picture on the left: If on one or more areas a letter („R“ for red, „G“ for green or „B“ for blue) becomes clearly visible, you can adjust the corresponding color gamut on your monitor. The picture is calibrated to a color gamut of 2.2 - the common value fo IBM-compatible computers. Apple-Macintosh computers use a value of 1.8 up to version 10.5 („Leopard“) and also a value of 2.2 from version 10.6 („Snow Leopard“).