Principles: True People.

Everyone in the Alutech Team has made their passion into their profession. Alutech is a rider owned company, we are colleagues and friends, real mates who do their jobs with pride, dedication and idealism.

We are all individual character and entrepreneurs and everyone is a specialist in their field.

We have a personal, open and honest working atmosphere and appreciate the freedom that means for us.

In short: we live our dream

Vision: True Products.

Our bikes are a viable alternative to the mainstream. They are innovative, progressive and individual. They deliver benchmark performance in design, quality and function.

With our products we want to achieve something for our customers. We invest a lot of love in many details and consider us a premium manufacturer with first-rate bikes and we think probably the best suspension kinematics in the world.

We aim to be independent, different and exclusive, we always want to stand out in the masses.

Mission: True Passion.

Alutech bikes are developed by passionate riders for passionate riders. They are not created in a laboratory or a marketing department but on the trails that will never change!

Every year we aim to bring you new highlights in technology, design and quality in our segment, because we know exactly what a clever, innovative and exclusive product needs to deliver.