The Fanes 6 is already known to many as our successful enduro flagship, which has earned its fan base with its versatile geometry and the creamy STS rear triangle kinematics If you just add a small vowel, a new dimension of this bike is presented to you,
E-Mobility moved into Alutech and the eFanes were born!
The powerful heart of the eFanes is the Shimano EP8 motor and the 504Wh or optionally the 630Wh battery.
With the eFanes, everything is from a leisurely tour with pleasant support to a visit to the park, where the motorization makes it easier to drive uphill, but the power can also be used as a special element of the E-MTB riding style. (It should be mentioned here that we assign the frame of the eFanes, just like our 'classic' Fanes, to ASTM category 5, this bike falls into category 4 only through the categorization of the wheels).